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Fenway Park

Home of the Boston Red Sox

4 Yawkey Way Boston, Massachusetts, 02215 View Map
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Experience the Park Fenway Park Fan Guide

Get Ready to Sing

Red Sox fans are some of the most dedicated and knowledgeable in baseball, but that doesn’t mean they don’t let loose every once in a while. Don’t believe it? Just wait until the middle of the 8th-inning when 38,000 or so of them rise from their seats to belt out the chorus to Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond.

Diamond’s connection to the Sox? None, basically. But that hasn’t stopped the Fenway Park denizens from turning the song into a game-day staple … “So good! So good! So good!”

Fenway is the oldest park in the majors, having opened in 1912, and while the odd footprint of the park remains the same, much else has changed. There are now suites, a glass-enclosed restaurant behind home plate, a rooftop bar in right field and seats atop the Green Monster in left. Some traditionalists cried foul when those seats were added in 2003, but they quickly became some of the hottest in the park (and they’ll cost you, at $160 a pop for regular season games).

When it comes to food, the Fenway Frank may get all the pub and isn’t bad, but it can’t match the sausages topped with grilled peppers and onions. The smell of them grilling along Yawkey Way is enough to turn a vegetarian; and they go nicely with a Harpoon IPA, brewed locally. Another favorite is the Cuban sandwich from the El Tiante stand on Yawkey Way, named in honor of ex-Sox pitcher Luis Tiant, who can often be found hanging around the stand prior to games. The sandwich is a stack of ham, pork, pickles and mustard on a grilled bun, and should be paired with a Presidente beer (really), which is from the Dominican Republic but available at a nearby stand.  The Fenway Frank, a simple boiled dog in a split, white-bread bun, pales in comparison to either one.