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Fenway Park

Home of the Boston Red Sox

4 Yawkey Way Boston, Massachusetts, 02215 View Map
(877) 733-7699
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Venue Info

Sport: Baseball
League: MLB
Team: Boston Red Sox

Year Built: 1912
Stadium Capacity: 38,808

This oldest park in the Majors is full of quirks and is a living museum to America's pastime. It's also been home to the best team in baseball in the new century. Sure, the seats are cramped and the tickets some of the most expensive in baseball, but all of that is forgotten as the Red Sox take the field on a gorgeous New England summer evening. Every baseball fan should make a pilgrimage at least once.

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Road Trip / Fenway Park Itinerary Print It!

A visit to Fenway Park is a baseball purist’s dream, and the best way to get there is on the T. Take the Green Line to the Commonwealth Avenue stop, which is a short walk to the park. … And get there early so you can look around and pop into one of the local watering holes. Right across the street from Fenway is the Cask ‘N Flagon, home base for Red Sox Nation. If there’s a long line, walk up the block to Boston Beer Works, where they have good food and brew their own beer. … It’s right across the street from the entrance to Yawkey Way, which is the next stop. Leave time before first pitch to hang on this street that runs along the west side of Fenway. It’s open only to ticket holders and has a festival-like atmosphere. … Try one of the grilled sausages with peppers and onions or the Cuban sandwich at El Tiante, named in honor of ex-Sox pitcher Luis Tiant, who may be on hand to sign an autograph and pose for a picture. … When it’s time to head into the game, grab a scorecard inside the front gate and keep score during the game. It’ll make a nice keepsake from the day and Sox fans, maybe the most passionate and knowledgeable in baseball, will appreciate the effort. … Sure, they have the 7th inning stretch at Fenway, but the real action happens an inning later. So, in the middle of the 8th stand up and belt out the chorus to Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline,” which is repeated with vigor by the Fenway faithful: “So good, so good, so good!” … After the game, linger off the beaten path a bit to Thornton’s Fenway Grille, which has good eats and is a perfect spot for summer time with its outdoor seating. … If you’re looking to make it a late night, head back toward Fenway where there are a number of places along Lansdowne Street right behind the park, including Jake Ivory’s Piano Bar, the Tiki Room and Jillian’s, which offers pool, video games, bowling and other types of entertainment.

Cask ‘n Flagon, 62 Brookline Ave., (617) 536-4840

Boston Beer Works, 61 Brookline Ave, (617) 536-2337

Thornton’s Fenway Grille, 100 Peterborough St., (617) 421-0104

Jake Ivory’s, 1 Lansdowne St., (617) 247-1222

Tiki Room, 1 Lansdowne St., (617) 351-2580

Jillian’s, 145 Ipswich St., (617) 437-0300

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At Wise Guides, we believe “spectator” should be a verb. Not because you should suck down 12 beers, run on the field and try to take the first baseman’s job — you shouldn’t. It’s because there’s so much more to going to a game than simply sitting in your seat watching the action. There are stadiums and neighborhoods to explore, food and drink to try, history to learn and interesting people to meet. Try our Wise Guides tips, they are funny, helpful and, we hope, interesting.

Pick your Quirk

When former Red Sox pitcher Bill ‘Spaceman’ Lee first walked into Fenway Park and saw the park’s famous left-field wall, the Green Monster, he asked: “Do they leave it there during games?” They do, and ... Read more »

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Get to the Game

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Head to the Cask

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