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Experience the Park Yankee Stadium Fan Guide

Have a Beer Where the Babe Drank

To many fans, a day at the ballpark isn’t complete without a pre- or post-game visit to a local tavern to soak up some suds and neighborhood atmosphere. You won’t have to go far to find both outside the Stadium … the corner of 161st Street and River Avenue is the nexus of activity, and as luck would have it, right where the trains are going to drop you off.


A half block east on 161st is the Yankee Tavern (72 E. 161st), a haven for hardcore Yankees fans where they’ve been packing them in since 1923; Babe Ruth supposedly used to stop in for a pop every once in while. It is narrow and crowded and loud as heck in the front; the back where the restaurant seating is located is slightly less so. The Yankee Tavern is a great place to rub elbows, literally, with real fans.


Over on River Street the old debate rages on: Stan’s or Billy’s. Billy’s (856 River Ave.) is more the spot if you’re running late and only have 15 minutes or so before first pitch. With a beer tub at the door and added staff on game-days it’s easy to get in for a quick one. It’s a huge, brightly lit space, and they crank out techno and dance music … That may not be appealing to many fans seeking a pre-game hang-out. Those folks are probably better off at Stan’s (836 River Ave.). It’s a classic joint a few doors down from Billy’s and the place to go if you get to the park early enough - at least an hour or two before the game starts. It gets packed and you’ve got to be pretty nimble to make your way through the crowd, but it’s worth it. Stan’s is to YankeeLand what the Cask’n’Flagon is to the Red Sox Nation: Home.


The Bronx may not be the borough of choice for most Big Apple tourists, but there’s plenty to do and see beyond Yankee Stadium. Here are some ideas if you’re looking to do some exploring before or after the game.

The Bronx Zoo was the moniker applied to some of the raucous Yanks’ teams of the 70s, but the actual zoo is one of the most respected anywhere. Featuring excellent exhibits and over 4,000 animals, it modestly touts itself as “the world's greatest zoo.” For information and directions visit here … City Island in Long Island Sound has shops and restaurants, 19th century Victorian homes and art galleries. It’s a slice of nautical New England in the Bronx… Pelham Bay Park is the city’s largest at more than 2,700 acres and features nature walks, horseback riding, golfing and Orchard Beach… You can explore the 250 acres of the New York Botanical Garden, which is open year-round, Tuesday to Sunday... Little Italy in the Bronx, located in the Belmont neighborhood along Arthur Avenue, has some superb restaurants as well as Italian bakeries and delis.