Yankee Stadium

Home of the New York Yankees

161st and River Avenue New York, New York, 10451 View Map
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Venue Info

Sport: Baseball
League: MLB
Team: New York Yankees

Year Built: 1923
Stadium Capacity: 57,545

'The House that Ruth Built' has a date with the wrecking ball and the Yankees have opened their billion-dollar palace across the street. They modeled it after the original Yankee Stadium, and the famous roof overhang and other touches have returned. Of course there were no skyboxes and $9 beers when Ruth was around. Championship baseball was, though, and the Yankees and their fans are hoping to replicate that.

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Road Trip / Yankee Stadium Itinerary Print It!

Take the train to the game as it’s part of the Big Apple game-day experience and convenient, too, dropping you off right outside the park. Once you get your bearings, take a lap around the new Yankee Stadium to take it all in; the exterior more resembles the stadium Ruth played in than the just-closed version, which had been almost completely reconstructed in the 1970s. … While you’re walking grab a grilled sausage with peppers and onions from one of the street vendors; they’re better than the dogs inside and will provide a foundation for your next stop ... which is Yankee Tavern, a haven for hardcore Yankees fans where they’ve been packing them in since 1923. Babe Ruth supposedly popped in for an occasional beer. … Leave time before opening pitch to do some exploring of the new park. Monument Park, the tribute to Yankee greats beyond the outfield walls, made the trip from the old stadium and is fascinating if you even have a passing interest in baseball history. It’s open to the public until 45 minutes before game time. … Beer will set you back $8 or more, so make it worth it with a Brooklyn Lager, offered at some specialty stands. Wrong borough but tasty brew. … During the game, look for Freddy, the rabid fan/unofficial mascot who roams the stands carrying a ‘Freddy Sez’ sign, a pan and a spoon. He encourages fans to clang his pan with the spoon to help fire-up the Yanks. … As the Yanks close out another win and Frank Sinatra croons, ‘New York, New York,’ head across the street to Stan’s for a celebratory drink. It’ll be packed, but Stan’s is a classic joint and is worth the effort. … If your stomach is telling you it’s dinner time, get in a cab or hop back on the train and head a little ways north to Little Italy in the Bronx. Located in the Belmont neighborhood along Arthur Avenue, it has superb restaurants as well as Italian bakeries and delis. Try Roberto’s, which has been rated one of the finest Italian restaurants in the city. … Once you’ve pushed back from the table, get back on the train or in a cab and head into Manhattan to close out the night.

Yankee Tavern, 72 East 161st Street, 718-292-6130

Stan's Sports Bar, 836 River Ave., 718-993-5548

Roberto’s, 603 Crescent Ave., 718-733-9503

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At Wise Guides, we believe “spectator” should be a verb. Not because you should suck down 12 beers, run on the field and try to take the first baseman’s job — you shouldn’t. It’s because there’s so much more to going to a game than simply sitting in your seat watching the action. There are stadiums and neighborhoods to explore, food and drink to try, history to learn and interesting people to meet. Try our Wise Guides tips, they are funny, helpful and, we hope, interesting.

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