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Experience the Park Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium Fan Guide

Bevo and the Godzillatron

Approaching the stadium from San Jacinto Street you’ll be engulfed in a see of burnt orange as fans gather and get pumped for the game. If one fan shouts out “Texas,” the response from all around will be “Fight!”

The band lines up outside of the stadium and then enters a little less than an hour before kickoff, making a dramatic entrance to the song “March Grandioso.” The crowd stands and cheers and chants along. Texas also has a live Longhorn mascot on the field, Bevo, and blasts a cannon after every score by the home. Those are just a few of the many great traditions surrounding Texas football:

‘Hook-Em Horns! - The sign Texas fans make with the fist closed except for upraised forefinger and pinky. Cheerleader Harley Clark came up with the idea in 1955 at the pep rally before the TCU game that year. He decided since A&M had their “Gig-Em” sign, Texas should have one too. 

Sing Along - Before the game starts, everyone in the crowd puts their hands in the air with the ‘Hook-Em sign and sings the “Eyes of Texas.” This is right after another version of “March Grandioso” and “Deep in the Heart of Texas.” 

Fourth Quarter Tradition - To rev up the players and the fans, the Longhorn Band plays the up-tempo song “Wabash Cannonball” between the third and fourth quarter. 

Stadium Eats - Many fans fill up at tailgates before the game, but there are plenty of options inside the stadium besides your garden-variety hot dogs. The new north end zone building has a food court with a variety of choices. Currently, there’s a stand in the southeast end zone that serves up burgers and Tex-Mex including Fajitas. There are also stands on both sides that serve up Corndogs and homemade lemonade. To beat the heat at afternoon games, Lemon Chills are a popular concession. Taco Bell is also served at the stadium. 

The Set-Up - Alumni season ticket holders take up much of the stadium’s west side, while students and the Longhorn band fill the south end zone, and the east side and north endzone are open to general admission and visitors. The best seats are on the lower level of either side. However, if you don’t have the best view you can always watch the Godzillatron, a state-of-the-art 135-by-55 foot video board. 

David Henry