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Experience the Park Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium Fan Guide

Get to the Game

While the city of Austin earns praise for many reasons, traffic and parking aren’t among them. And that’s just on a normal day. Imagine 100,000-plus people trying to move around the area on game day.


The Longhorn Foundation, made up of people who donate to the UT athletic department, have first priority for parking near the stadium. There are other legitimate options, though, when going to the game. The best might be the Huddle Shuttle, which picks up from two locations and drops fans near the stadium. Roundtrip is $5. For the Huddle Shuttle and other bus routes visit or call 512-474-1200.


If you’re driving to the game, there are parking garages available for $10 about half a mile away from the stadium. One tip: from I-35 North exit at 235B (Dean Keaton) instead of MLK, where you will be caught in traffic mayhem. That will require you to walk a bit further, but it’s a lot easier to get in and out. A complete map of game day parking is available here


RV parking before the game is available from Friday night through Sunday morning. For maps and more info visit here.