Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium

Home of the Texas Longhorns

1701 Red River Austin, Texas, 78768 View Map
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Being a Texas grad, the most vivid and most exciting memory is being at a Longhorns game. Every game is just as exciting as the next. There is a sea of burnt orange everywhere you look. You have to be prepared to yell FIGHT TEXAS FIGHT! The school spirit and excitement is just unreal and I can't imagine any other school to be as passionate about the Longhorns as we are. Half-time includes the singing of The Eyes of Texas song. I give the experience at DKR stadium a 4-star rating since it epitomizes what every college football game should be.


Great Stadium. Great Atmosphere. Only bad thing is that you have to park a long way away and there is a lot of traffic.


Great place to see a game!