Rangers Ballpark in Arlington

Home of the Texas Rangers

1000 Ballpark Way Arlington, Texas, 76011 View Map
(817) 273-5222
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Sport: Baseball
League: MLB
Team: Texas Rangers

Year Built: 1994
Stadium Capacity: 49,200

The Rangers don't exactly have a lot of history to boast about, but that doesn't mean you can't pick some up while visiting this ballpark. The Legends of the Game museum behind the right-field bleachers has many items on loan from Cooperstown, and there's also a Learning Center for the kids. While there isn't much to do outside the park, that's changing as the Cowboys in 2009 are opening their new stadium nearby.

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The Texas Rangers may have little in their past to boast about, but there’s a cool spot at their ballpark where baseball history comes to life. Get to the park an hour or so before first pitch so you can check out the Legends of the Game Museum located behind the right-field bleachers. The museum has over 100 items on loan from the National Baseball Hall of Fame, and tickets are half off for fans on game day. … After you’ve soaked up some baseball history, it’s time to head into the park. If possible, get seats in the home run porch in right, a double-deck section that’s probably the park’s most unique feature. Actually, that designation would go to the office building beyond center, but you can’t sit there unless you work there. … The variety of hot dog offerings at the park is impressive, but this is Texas, so try a barbeque beef sandwich with a Shiner Bock, a popular Texas beer. … The heat and humidity can be pretty brutal, so if you need a break head to the Rawlings All American Grille overlooking right field or the Diamond Club in left-center. Both offer food and drink, are open to all ticket holders and have views of the playing field. And oh yea, they’re air conditioned. … If you’re old school and can’t get used to bars and restaurants inside ballparks, beat the heat with one of the giant frozen margaritas or a frozen or iced coffee from a Starbucks stand. Wait, that’s not old school … Anyway, once the games ends there’s not a heck of a lot to do in the near vicinity of the park, unless you’re a 12-year-old. The Six Flags Over Texas theme park is within walking distance, and across the Tom Landry Highway from there is Hurricane Harbor, a water park operated by Six Flags. … The name of that highway tells you a little about what Texans are truly serious about. The Cowboys are set to open a new stadium in 2009 a short walk from Rangers Ballpark, and that should mean more restaurants bars and shops will sprout up with it. … Arlington does have the advantage of sitting between two larger cities, each with its own unique identity. Fort Worth is known for its ‘Cowboys and Culture,’ while Dallas has a variety of restaurants, clubs, bars and upscale shopping. If you’ve got the kids with you or just always thought of yourself as a cowboy at heart, skip Six Flags and hit the Fort Worth Stockyards to take in some culture of the West and have a good steak.     

Legends of the Game Museum, 1000 Ballpark Way, Suite 400, (817) 273-5600

Six Flags Over Texas, 2201 Road To Six Flags, (817) 640-8900

Hurricane Harbor, 1800 E. Lamar Blvd., (817) 640-8900

Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District, 121 E. Exchange Ave., (817) 625-9715

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