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Experience the Park Oakland Coliseum Fan Guide

All You Can Eat

The Coliseum in Oakland is not a foody’s ballpark. Crab cakes, sushi and cheese plates with wine pairings are not on the menu. This is probably where the experience of an A’s game could most be improved. 

There are quite a few options but most just don’t deliver, especially ballpark favorites, which are not what they once were. Some long-time season ticket holders have complained that the cheese in the nachos was changed in 2008 and has become inedible (hey, you pay $7 for nachos, you want to be able to eat them). 

As with any ballpark, there are standouts, but you need to seek them out. Perhaps the top item at the Coliseum is the Saag gourmet sausage ($5.50-6.75,) served with peppers and onions, hot off the grill. While most fans consider the garlic fries to be a highlight at that ballpark on the other side of the bridge, Bay Area fans generally agree that the ones served at the Coliseum are crispier and served hotter. The barbecue down the third base line serves serviceable smoked meats, but nothing special at nearly $9 for most plates. 

There are also a variety of international options, which include several stands selling burritos and other Mexican dishes, a Round Table Pizza and decent take-out style Chinese. Alas, one of the most interesting stands at the Coliseum is no longer around, the Black Muslim Bakery serving bean pies and other unique dishes.  

What the A’s do have now is an all-you-can-eat option; for $35 fans get a ticket and access to certain concession stands to chow down all game long.