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Road Trip An Itinerary for Oakland Coliseum

The Coliseum is surrounded by parking lots in an isolated section of Oakland, but A’s fans have embraced tailgating like few others in baseball. So, pack up the car and get to the game early, or if you’re taking the BART throw a six-pack and some sandwiches in a bag and join the party in progress. A’s fans, unlike the denizens of Raider Nation who they share the Coliseum with, are known as an amiable bunch. Just remember to leave some beers on ice for after. … When deciding where to sit, take into account the immense foul territory at the Coliseum, which is due to the fact the NFL’s Raiders also play there. That means those seats near the dugout may not be nearly as close to the action as you thought. Try some cheaper seats further up the line where the stands curve back toward the field. … Wherever you sit, get ready to hop up for The Wave. It was invented at an A’s game in 1981, and while it may have died out at most other ballparks, A’s fans still seem to take some pride in being the originators. … The Coliseum offers a nice selection of micro-brews. Try a Fat Tire or one of the variety of Pyramid Ales. There’s also an Irish pub located behind home plate if you have a hankering for a pint of Guinness or a whisky. … When hunger calls, have a Saag’s sausage, topped with peppers and onions and hot off the grill, with an order of garlic fries on the side. …  After the game, put down that tailgate again and wait out the traffic with a cold one as you discuss the game with fellow fans. … When it’s time to move on, head a few miles north to downtown Oakland and nearby Jack London Square, an area of shops and restaurants and cafes along the water. Go to Heinold’s First and Last Chance saloon for a drink, because London the author used to do it when he worked around Oakland’s waterfront almost a century ago. … If you want to hear some good jazz, hit Yoshi's right nearby. … Or just order another at Heinold’s as you plan your next move. Northern California has beaches and the ocean and mountains and Redwood forests and wine country and, hate to say it A’s fans, San Francisco, so it might take you a while to decide.


Heinold's First & Last, 48 Webster St., (510) 839-6761

Yoshi's Jazz House & Restaurant, 510 Embarcadero W, 510-238-9200