AT&T Park

Home of the San Francisco Giants
24 Willie Mays Plaza San Francisco, California, 94107 View Map
(415) 972-1800
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Venue Info

Sport: Baseball
League: MLB
Team: San Francisco Giants

Year Built: 2000
Stadium Capacity: 41,503

No one upgraded like the Giants when they moved into this place in 2000 from cold and dingy Candlestick Park. It truly is a gem of a ballpark, with excellent sightlines and great food and drink. Besides all the amenities of a modern ballpark, there are incredible views of the bay and the opportunity to explore one of the coolest cities anywhere, so leave time before and after the game to look around. It's been called "Baseball's perfect address," and it just may be.

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AT&T Park has been called “baseball’s perfect address,” and it’s hard to argue otherwise. It’s a beautiful park nestled next to San Francisco Bay, in one of the most exciting cities in the world. So get ready to explore. … Start your visit at the 21st Amendment brew pub about two blocks from the ballpark. The 21st Amendment is an airy place that has great food and beer that they brew on the premises. Try the Opening Day IPA, brewed in honor of the Giants. … Next, stroll down Second Street to the park, and once you reach King Street take a lap around the park to see the statues of former Giants’ greats – Willie Mays, Juan Marichal and Willie McCovey – and the bay views beyond the outfield walls. When on the Port Walk beyond the outfield wall lean over and give a wave to the kayakers gathering there hoping to scoop a home run ball out of the bay. … If you’ve still got time before opening pitch, head across the street to MoMo’s for a quick beer on the patio overlooking the park. It’s certain to be crowded on game days, and the beer ain’t cheap, but it’s a great spot to people-watch and bond with fellow fans. … Finally, the reason you came, head inside AT&T Park. Some must-dos, besides enjoying the game: climb up to the upper deck at some point and take in the stunning views of the bay and Bay Bridge; walk the outfield concourse, where fans gather to drink and socialize as they watch the game, and await home run balls (it’s less hectic since Barry Bonds is no longer a Giant, but the narrow walkway in right field still draws a crowd); try the famous garlic fries (fans line-up for them before first pitch. Tip: the concession stands beneath the left-field bleachers are somewhat hidden away and so less busy than others). … Once the final out is recorded, wait out the traffic and crowded trains with a drink at the HiDive, located along the Embarcadero a few blocks from the park, near the Bay Bridge. This small bar is on the water (Pier 28 ½) and should be less crowded than other spots near the park. And you just might run into members of the AT&T Park grounds crew who sometimes stop in for a drink. … San Francisco is full of great restaurants, and Jack Falstaff and Paragon are two fine ones within walking distance of the park.

21st Amendment, 563 Second St, (415) 369-0900

HiDive, Pier 28 ½, (415) 977-0170

MoMo’s, 760 2nd St., (415) 227-8660

Jack Falstaff, 598 Second St., (415) 836-9239

Paragon, 701 Second St., (415) 537-9020

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