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Experience the Park Kauffman Stadium Fan Guide

Get to the Game

Kauffman Stadium is nestled between two major interstates (435 & 70) that run through Kansas City and is approximately 10 minutes east of downtown (via the George Brett Superhighway, otherwise known as 70). Because of that (and the lack of public transit options) most people drive to the K. Here are some directions and a helpful map: http://kansascity.royals.mlb.com/kc/ballpark/getting_there.jsp.

With stadium renovations underway, parking can be an adventure as construction crews have appropriated portions of lots on the east side of the stadium. Parking now resembles the mad dash for the hot toy at Christmas – first come, first served with a touch of chaos thrown in the mix. It’s helpful to know where you’re sitting at the game before entering the parking lot, as you can no longer circle the lot looking for your entrance. If your seats are on the first base side, you should enter from the east, while third base is on the west.

Buy a parking pass on the team web site for $8, and you’re on your way… and be sure to get there early. Kansas City fans – thanks to their BBQ heritage – love to fire up the grill in the parking lots before the game for a tailgate. Consuming large amounts of meat and beer can make the hours waiting for the first pitch particularly festive. 

The only alternative to reaching the stadium would be the Royals Express bus service.  For the low cost of $6 you get a round trip ticket with bus service beginning two hours prior to game time and running either from downtown or Midtown and the Plaza area. The buses drop fans directly in front of the main gates on the third base side of the stadium, and pick them up afterward there. And as a way to encourage use of the buses, the team for most games gives a $6 discount on game tickets to such commuters. Get a voucher from the bus driver.