Kauffman Stadium

Home of the Kansas City Royals

One Royal Way Kansas City, Missouri, 64129 View Map
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Venue Info

Sport: Baseball
League: MLB
Team: Kansas City Royals

Year Built: 1973
Stadium Capacity: 40,700

This park has always gotten high marks for its sightlines and atmosphere, and a significant rehab completed in 2009 ensures that will remain the case for years to come. If only the same could be said for the team; this once-proud franchise has posted one winning record in the past 14 seasons.

Kauffman is located next door to Arrowhead Stadium, home of the Chiefs, and surrounded by parking spots. So pick up some KC barbeque and do some pre-game tailgating while hoping for a return to better days for the Royals.

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Kansas City may not compare to New York or Boston or Chicago for urban grit and excitement, and the Royals have been down for many years running. But KC does provide a great setting to combine a bit of baseball history and some of the best barbeque anywhere with a trip to the ballpark. … Start downtown at the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum. Read about how the league was born in Kansas City and it’s many great players like Satchel Paige, Cool Papa Bell, Josh Gibson and Jackie Robinson, who played for the Kansas City Monarchs before being signed by the Brooklyn Dodgers. … The museum is located in the historic 18th and Vine district alongside the American Jazz Museum. If you’ve got time, go there, too, and learn about another great American pastime. … After the museum(s), head down the block to Arthur Bryant’s Barbeque and get some of their legendary KC barbeque to go. Pack it in the car and hop on the George Brett Superhighway (I-70) to the park, and get there early to do some tailgating. Kauffman Stadium is surrounded by parking lots, so you’ll be joined by many Royals fans doing the same. … The K (previously Royals Stadium) opened in 1973 and has always been a good place to watch a game, and a just completed $250 million renovation has only enhanced that. New ‘Fountain Seats,’ in front of the world’s largest privately funded fountain, are one of the highlights, as well as a new restaurant, Rivals. … If you skipped the tailgate or simply didn’t get enough barbeque, another local favorite, Gates, has a stand inside the park at section 122. It goes well with a locally brewed Boulevard Beer. And leave room for regionally famous Sheridan’s Frozen Custard. … KC is also known for steak, so if you’re still hungry when the game ends, head back downtown to the Hereford House or one of the city’s other steakhouses. … For a nightcap, hit the nearby 12 Baltimore Bar at the downtown Hotel Phillips.

Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, 1616 E. 18th Street, (816) 221-1920

American Jazz Museum, 1616 E 18th St., (816) 474-8463

Arthur Bryant’s Barbeque, 1727 Brooklyn Ave., (816) 231-1123

Gates & Sons Bar-B-Q, 1221 Brooklyn Ave., (816) 483-3880

Hereford House, 2 E. 20th St., (816) 842-1080 

12 Baltimore Bar, 106 W 12th St., (816) 346-4410 ,

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Built in 1973, Kauffman Stadium (originally Royals Stadium until renamed in honor of late owner Ewing Kauffman in 1993) was always a good place to catch a game, but it lacked many of the amenities found... Read more »

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