Progressive Field

Home of the Cleveland Indians
2401 Ontario Street Cleveland, Ohio, 44115 View Map
(216) 420-4240
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I have visited what was then 'The Jake' a few times. Seems to me like an average stadium. Every time I have went it has been cold and rainy so the atmosphere was not as good as it could have been or used to be when the Indians had a good team. The guy in the outfield banging on the drum is a staple for Progressive Field and is certainly the most unique feature of the stadium.


"The Jake" is a fun place to watch a game. The crowd is fun. They love the Tribe when the Tribe is winning. The guy still beats on his drum in centerfield. He used to be the only one in the stands at the old Municipal Stadium wailing on his tom-tom. (See the movie Major League)


Well, at least you can get a ticket these days! The Jake - can we still call it that - is fan heaven. Lots to do around the stadium before and after the game.