Comerica Park

Home of the Detroit Tigers
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Experience the Park Comerica Park Fan Guide

Have a Drink

At Comerica Park you can down a Budweiser in the bleachers or sip a cocktail in the cigar bar, and there’s plenty in between, too. Head to the park’s unique Beer Hall in the Brushfire Grill (section 131 behind third base) if you’re looking for a premium brew like a Sam Adams, an import or a tasty microbrew like Michigan-based Bell’s. The Beer Hall is often a good place to start the day and meet up with friends as you can enter it from the street (corner of Montcalm and Brush streets) as long as you have a ticket to that day’s game. 

Beers are about as expensive at Comerica as elsewhere in the majors but there’s still a bit of sticker-shock as the drinks are appreciably more inside than at local bars, the difference much greater than in other big cities like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles or San Francisco. That might be an argument for loading up ahead of time, but if not try the large beers at Comerica ($8-8.50) for the best deal. Mike’s Hard Lemonade is also served throughout the concourse, but if you want something different than beer and don’t mind looking a little feminine, try a frozen daiquiri. Served in a tall, skinny, plastic Tigers souvenir cup that seems to go on forever, it may be the best bargain on a hot summer day. Margaritas can also be purchased at the Brushfire Grill. If you’re underage, you can always grab a non-alcoholic daiquiri or buy a soft drink, hot chocolate or coffee at one of the many concession stands. 

Fans with more expensive tastes can have a seat in the Tiger Den lounge for drinks, dinner, the game or all three, or hit the nearby Camacho Cigar Bar – it’s the only place in the park where you can smoke.