Comerica Park

Home of the Detroit Tigers
2100 Woodward Avenue Detroit, Michigan, 48201 View Map
(866) 668-4437
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As far as baseball stadiums are concerned, they don't get much better than Comerica Park. Featuring baseball artifacts, giant prowling Tigers, carnival rides, a huge selection of food and a picturesque view of the Detroit skyline, Comerica has it all. Located just east of Interstate-75 Comerica Park is easy to get to from any Detroit expressway. It's location near many parking garages and lots - mostly on Woodward Avenue and near neighboring Ford Field makes parking a breeze. Comerica is located in the heart of downtown Detroit across from the historic Fox Theatre, Cheli's Chili Bar, Hockeytown Cafe and MGM Grand Casino. It is also a few blocks from some great tailgating bars that offer free shuttles such as Nemo's or the Old Shillelagh. Post game hot spots are all-around Detroit, whether it be at one of the many Casinos, the nightlife just across the border in Windsor, Ontario or in Greektown which is open late. Saturday games and interleague summer games are the biggest games in Detroit so get there early and host a tailgate party or go on a Detroit bar crawl around the city. Oh, and if you from out of town make sure you don't act too obnoxious. Detroit fans are passionate about the Tigers.

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