Comerica Park

Home of the Detroit Tigers
2100 Woodward Avenue Detroit, Michigan, 48201 View Map
(866) 668-4437
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Venue Info

Sport: Baseball
League: MLB
Team: Detroit Tigers

Year Built: 2000
Stadium Capacity: 41,782

Comerica Park is located in downtown Detroit, and though the city has had its ups and (mostly) downs, there is plenty to see and do before opening pitch. Hit Nemo's, a classic sports bar, before heading to the game. The park itself features a carousel, Ferris wheel, and a fountain that spouts 'liquid fireworks.' And beyond the left-field wall is a series of unique statues of six Tigers' greats. Sit in the upper deck and enjoy some great skyline views.  

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Detroit may not have the best reputation (ok, that’s an understatement), but in reality there’s plenty to see and do downtown before and after the game. Start at Nemo’s, a great sports bar by any measure. It’s nestled right next to old Tiger Stadium, and you can park there and take their shuttle to Comerica. The Old Shillelagh is another popular downtown spot that offers a shuttle to Tigers games. … Downtown Detroit is compact and the Tigers are far from the only game around. Close by is Joe Louis Arena, which is usually bustling into late spring with the Red Wings deep into the Stanley Cup playoffs. This allows fans to occasionally pull a double of baseball and hockey on the same day. … Ford Field, home to the Detroit Lions, is next door to Comerica, so it’s also possible to take in a double-feature on September Sundays when both the Lions and Tigers (and maybe even the Bears) are in town. … If you've got time before first pitch the Detroit Riverfront is nearby and a good place for a walk or jog. … A great place to meet friends and grab a brew before the game starts is in the park’s unique Beer Hall at the Brushfire Grill (section 131 behind third base). Try a Bell’s, a tasty microbrew from Michigan. … If you brought the kids along, Comerica has a ferris wheel and a Tiger-themed carousel they should enjoy. … Also worth checking out are the various tiger statues around the park and the monuments to Detroit greats Hank Greenberg, Al Kaline, Ty Cobb and others beyond left-center field. … A Comerica and local favorite is the Coney dog smothered in chili, onions and cheese. Get one. … After the game, head to the nearby Greektown neighborhood with its many restaurants and bars, and the Greektown Casino if you’re so inclined. … You can get Greek food at the casino, but better yet head across the street to Laikon Café or Cyprus Taverna.

Nemo’s Bar, 1384 Michigan Ave., (313) 965-3180

The Old Shillelagh, 349 Monroe St., (313) 964-0007

Greektown Casino, 555 E. Lafayette Blvd., (888) 771-4386

Laikon Café, 569 Monroe St., (313) 963-7058

Cyprus Taverna, 579 Monroe St., (313) 961-1550

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Detroit is the auto capital of the U.S. and isn’t known for its mass transit, so naturally the best way to get to a game is usually to drive. Thankfully, congestion is normally not an issue, and several... Read more »

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