Oriole Park at Camden Yards

Home of the Baltimore Orioles
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Experience the Park Oriole Park at Camden Yards Fan Guide

Have a Drink

Camden Yards was built atop the location of “Ruth's Café,” a saloon owned by the Bambino’s father. The bar was located around shallow center field. Maybe it’s that legacy, as well as the genial nature of O’s fans – it’s not a place where fans wearing the visiting team’s hat or shirt get beer thrown at them – but the access and rules surrounding the service of beer and alcohol seems more liberal compared to some other parks. Cheers to that.

Bud, Coors and Miller products are on tap throughout the stadium as well as popular premium brews like Guinness, Corona, Heineken and Amstel Light. If you want to sample a local craft beer, Clipper City is your choice with a variety of tasty brews. You can get a Bud or Miller at any park, so go with a Clipper City Pale Ale.   

If you want to head inside for a drink there are multiple bars on the private Club Level. Of course you’ll need a ticket to the Club Level ($$) to get in here. But it might be worth the price if it’s a stiflingly hot day or you need somewhere to wait out a rain-delay. The Bud Light Warehouse Bar is the only bar open to all patrons. It’s located on Eutaw Street next to Pastimes Café. The live broadcast of the Orioles pre-game show is held there.


Some things to keep in mind: Vendors stop selling alcohol at the end of the 7th inning, while concession stand sales stop at the end of the 8th inning. A Designated Driver Booth is located on the main level where DDs can get free soft drinks.