Oriole Park at Camden Yards

Home of the Baltimore Orioles
333 W. Camden Street Baltimore, Maryland, 21201 View Map
(888) 848-2474
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"MUST SEE' For any baseball fan, I went there and was impressed. Can see Downtown from any seat in the Park.


While OPCY was the first of the new retro parks and beautifully incorporated the B&O Warehouse into the design, one innovation OPCY missed was the open concourse on the main level -- a staple of virtually every ballpark since -- meaning one must rely on televisions while waiting in line for concessions.


This is a fine ballpark...been around almost 20 yrs now and it's aging well. Getting there is easy, and getting there early to shop and schmooze with Booze, I mean, Boog, is a good time. Too bad the team hasn't played well for awhile now. The wide concourses and variety of food, shops, etc, is impressive, esp since they did it first!


Loved this ballpark. I have been there twice, once by myself, nice afternoon game - I sat out in the bleachers and had a few beers and some of Boog's eats. The second time we had fantastic seats right behind the dugout - saw George Will and Mike Milken that night. George Will was with his son and watched the game intently - Milken was with a bunch of suits and appeared to talk business the entire time before leaving early.


I just went back to OPCY this summer for the first time since 2001, and I was interested to see how the original "retro" park was doing. Its still an amazing park, its held up well. It is hard to believe it is 16 years old already. Everybody already knows about Boogs BBQ in Right Field -- its great. But my favorite place is the guy that GRILLS hot dogs and sausages outside the park, on North Eutaw Street, just beyond the Babe Ruth Statue. They are a buck for dogs and $2 for sausages, and they come grilled with all the fixin's. You can bring them into the park, and they are (still) way better than just about every food item in OPCY, with the exception of Boogs.