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Experience the Park Chase Field Fan Guide

Drink Up

Like a home buyer facing a seller’s market, you have to take a focused sense of realism with you if you’re planning on quaffing down a brew or two at a Major League ballpark these days. Beers are expensive, so get over it and get on with it if you decide that it’s Miller time. Miller products (including MGD) are among the featured domestics at most beer vending locales at Chase Field, along with Bud and Bud Light, Coors and Coors Light, and Michelob Ultra.  Heineken, Amstel, and Corona typically fill out the imports. At many beer stands, red and white wine is offered for $7.50. Most of the alcohol distribution pie goes to Levy Restaurants, which operates over twenty beer carts, seven Liquor Bars, two Oasis Beer Gardens, and approximately twenty food concession stands- like Double Headers and Big Dawgs, among others- that sell beer. Beer costs $6 or $8 for drafts, and $6 or $10 for bottles. Again, get over it. You can push the wallet into extra innings by getting a ‘regular’ size for $4.00 at some of the beer carts, but it comes in what looks to be about a 4oz cup.

Gordon Biersch’s dual presence on the main concourse fills the needs of the more refined beer-drinking palate, offering pleasing stalwarts such as Marzen and Hefeweizen. If you’re going for the full-flavored brews, you’re probably not too concerned with how much it’ll cost ya, anyway.  

Cappuccino, Etc. has three locations at Chase, making specialty coffee drinks that come in two sizes for $4.00 and $5.75, or just the straight ‘joe’ for $3.00. Desert Ice supplements its cotton candy and sno-cone sales with an extremely sweet lemonade; it’s so sweet you should avoid the usually prudent request to not fill the glass to the top with ice … you’ll need it to dilute your purchase.  

Friday’s Front Row Sports Grill, which overlooks left field and third base, offers the highest variety of booze, featuring specialty cocktails, martinis and smoothies, while also offering after-dinner cordials. The same four domestics are offered as the rest of the park, but the Front Row adds a few more specialty brews like Stella Artois and Sam Adams among others, as well as a diverse draft selection.