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Home of the Arizona Diamondbacks
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(602) 514-8400
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Experience the Park Chase Field Fan Guide

Say Hello to the Rally-backs

Chase Field has a retractable roof that is usually open for the D-backs’ typical 6:40 p.m. starts, so the magical feel of an open-air ballgame usually infuses the experience. But tradition takes a back seat most elsewhere, with the park reflecting the modern, bustling, beautiful landscape of its surrounding city. And Phoenix seems particularly obsessed with personal beauty. Hence, the Rally-backs: the young, unfairly-attractive, mostly female group that make up a pep squad of sorts at Chase.

Between innings, the Rally-backs shoot t-shirts into the crowd and are seemingly everywhere.  Whether it’s a condiment race between ketchup, mustard and relish, or a ‘Does it float?’ promotion at the Riviera Pools Pavilion, fans can expect to see some happy, hopping Rally-backs on the scene.

Joining this elite crew is no small feat, says a 20-year-old Rally-back who identified himself as RJ. “Out of some 500 people who apply to be a Rally-back, only something like 23 are selected,” he says. His friend Michelle, 20, is likewise proud to be one of the chosen. “Our fan experience is like no other ballpark’s; what we do is pretty unique,” she says. 

To be a Rally-back, you have to be in great shape and extremely outgoing. “We’re always greeting fans, handing out prizes, launching t-shirts into the crowd,” says Danielle, 19.  “ … The fans can always expect to find a smile and someone who is easy to talk to.”

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