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Home of the Arizona Diamondbacks
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Experience the Park Chase Field Fan Guide

Soak up the Scene

Chase Field has a retractable roof that the team tries to keep open for the D-backs’ typical 6:40 p.m. starts (unless it’s a real scorcher outside), so they capture a little of the magical feel of an open-air ballgame. But tradition takes a back seat most elsewhere, with the park reflecting the modern, bustling landscape of its surrounding city. 

There’s the famous swimming pool in right-center where home run balls occasionally splash; the pool area is open for group rentals, so don’t wander down from the upper deck with your swimming trunks expecting to take a dip. And of course the roof won’t remind anyone of old Ebbets Field, either. It’s massive but works on a simple pulley system and opens and closes in under five minutes. The air conditioning system is also efficient, capable of cooling the place by 30 degrees in about three hours, but burns just a bit more energy – enough to cool about 2,500 homes, the team says.

Like many modern ballparks there’s plenty of action off the field to distract fans between innings. The Rally-backs are a young, unfairly-attractive, mostly female group that make up a pep squad of sorts at Chase. Between innings, the Rally-backs shoot t-shirts into the crowd and are seemingly everywhere.  Whether it’s a condiment race between ketchup, mustard and relish, or a ‘Does it float?’ promotion at the Riviera Pools Pavilion, fans can expect to see some happy, hopping Rally-backs on the scene.

Joining this elite crew is no small feat, says a 20-year-old Rally-back who identified himself as RJ. “Out of some 500 people who apply to be a Rally-back, only something like 23 are selected,” he says. His friend Michelle, 20, is likewise proud to be one of the chosen. “Our fan experience is like no other ballpark’s; what we do is pretty unique,” she says. 

To be a Rally-back, you have to be in great shape and extremely outgoing. “We’re always greeting fans, handing out prizes, launching t-shirts into the crowd,” says Danielle, 19.  “ … The fans can always expect to find a smile and someone who is easy to talk to.”

For families with children, there are two large play areas at Chase Field featuring interactive and competitive sports contraptions, arcade games, and prizes. Baxter’s Den, named for the curiously feline D-Back mascot (a diamondback is a type of rattlesnake), is located at the Peter Piper Playhouse on the main concourse behind the center field scoreboard. That’s the site of the mascot’s regular 4th-inning photo opportunities.

The Sandlot is a mini Chase Field replica whiffle ball diamond, located on the upper concourse. Another fun opportunity, this one for kids 3-15, comes after Sunday home games when kids get to run the bases. Those interested should line up on the east ramp across from sections 111, 203 and 304 in the ninth inning.

For older kids (much older), the Diamond Club offers a club-like atmosphere at Chase Field, with a blend of hip revelry and sports loyalty. As a way to marry nightlife to the ballpark, Chase Field executives retained the services of prominent area promotions companies to create the club in right field on the main concourse level. It features plush seating, 11 digital flat-screens, a pool table, full bar, and a rotating menu of nightly food options, all while offering a unique view of the park’s dizzying expanse. Tickets to the Diamond Club are $25 apiece.