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Experience the Park Coors Field Fan Guide

Get Some Grub

When you’re talking grub at Coors Field, your first question should be whether you want a traditional baseball culinary experience. If the answer is yes, start your meal before you enter the ballpark. Pick up peanuts from a street-corner vendor outside the stadium. Their nuts crack the same as the ones you buy inside, but they’re half the price. 

Once you’re inside, find a Top Dog counter. These foot-long hot dogs are not for the faint of heart—they’re served with a fork for good reason. The Chicago dog and Santa Fe dog are both tough to beat.

If you crave more authentic Colorado dining, there are plenty of options. Of course, you can’t get any more authentic than Rocky Mountain oysters. Just make sure you know what an “oyster” is before you pop one in your mouth. Buffalo hot dogs and brats are a nice way to sample genuine Colorado cuisine. Denver Cheese Steaks are surprisingly tasty, too. The key is to saunter up to a cart just as the cook is frying up a new batch. That’s when you can ask for one with extra cheese.

If you happen to be at a Rockies game with an in-law or relative and need a break, you have a way out. Offer to get them a pannini from the deli down the third base line near the field-level seats. The sandwiches run $6.50 and take a good 10 minutes to make. You can buy a beer and watch the action on one of the wide-screen TVs adjacent to the stand, then return to your seats with a gourmet-style meal that’s easy to eat.

For dessert, your two best options are Dippin’ Dots and Tornado Sticks. If you’re stuffed, go with the first—you always have room for the “Ice Cream of the Future.” The smart fan, however, leaves room for a deliciously doughy Tornado Stick. Get one dipped in butter and cinnamon, and then wait a few minutes to devour it. It’s the perfect ending to a day or night at Coors Field.