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Experience the Park Coors Field Fan Guide

Have a Drink

If you find yourself thinking a little too much about what beer to choose, keep it simple and remember the name of the ballpark. Coors and Coors Light are on tap and happen to be your least expensive choices, though that’s a relative term. Expect to fork over at least $6 per brew. Even if you’re not a fan of Coors products it does seem appropriate to have one as you take in a game with the Rocky Mountains as your backdrop.


If your beer palate is bit more refined, take a detour to the Blue Moon Brewing Co. You’ll find it at the Sandlot, which is located on the Main Concourse behind Section 112. Blue Moon offers a full assortment of micro-brews, plus a wide assortment of dining options. There is also the Mountain Ranch Bar & Grille, which offers a wide assortment of food and drink options. It’s open to all ticket holders and is located in the right field corner.


Another place to sample beers other than Coors is at one of the Beers of the World stands. You can chose from a dozen or so brews, including local varieties such as Dale’s Pale Ale, which is made by Oskar Blues in Lyons.


No matter where you’re buying a beer at Coors Field, don’t forget to pull out your driver’s license. Stadium employees always ask for ID, no matter how old you are. This policy may stroke the egos of some fans, but it slows down everyone hoping to grab a quick cold one and not miss a pitch.