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Experience the Park Coors Field Fan Guide

Soak up the Scene

The centerfield bleachers at Coors Field – sitting majestically above the fountains beyond the outfield fence – are known as the Rockpile. If you’re up for a cheap night at the ballpark, this is the place to go as tickets for the Rockpile are a mere $4. That leaves plenty of room in your budget for hot dogs and beer, which of course are the menu items of choice for bleacherites.

Your ticket for the Rockpile will indicate a row and seat number, but no one pays much attention to that. Big groups of fans that come to the ballpark tend to migrate to the extremes of the Rockpile, often the highest reaches of the bleachers. That leaves others open below, which means you can have an extra beer at the bar across the street and then saunter over after the game has started and still find a good seat.  

The view of the field from the Rockpile is surprisingly good, if not exactly close to the action. You might miss a home run as it clears the fence in dead center, but there’s a nice overview of the rest of the field and a panoramic look at the Denver skyline. The only potential problem with the Rockpile – and this applies mostly to out-of-towners – is the hike to your seats. The ground-level entrance you want is at Gate B. From there, you’re faced with a Stairmaster-like workout. Take your time. Stop in the Main Concourse and visit the Interactive Area by Section 120. Good seats in the Rockpile are never that hard to find.

Another hidden treasure at the stadium: the Lower and Upper Reserved seats in right field. These seats are best at night games; for day games, come to the ballpark armed with a full bottle of sunscreen. At Coors Field, Outfield Reserved (either Lower or Upper) is code for the upper deck. But don’t let that scare you away. Also, don’t be surprised if you miss the first inning or so. That’s because you’ll be distracted by the stunning view of the sun setting over the Rocky Mountains. It’s definitely a good idea to bring your shades.

Once the solar show is over, it’s time to focus on the game. This is when you might want to implement the Seat Improvement Plan (SIP). The upper deck at Coors Field is almost never full, and the ushers normally don’t mind if you move around, as long as you’re not obnoxious about it. 

So, find a seat behind home plate and enjoy the view of the entire field from corner to corner. You’ll know before the fans in the high-priced seats below if a line drive is going to split a gap for a triple. And there’s nothing like watching a big fly from high above the action.

The last thing to do while you’re in the upper deck is to mosey up to the purple row of seats. These are exactly 5,280 feet above sea level. Once you rest your buns there, you can forever brag that you’re a member of the Mile-High Club.