Coors Field

Home of the Colorado Rockies
2001 Blake Street Denver, Colorado, 80205 View Map
(303) 762-5437
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Venue Info

Sport: Baseball
League: MLB
Team: Colorado Rockies

Year Built: 1995
Stadium Capacity: 50,445

Coors Field has gained a reputation as a launching pad, with balls flying through the thin air and out of the park at a sometimes astonishing rate. In fact, climb up to the 20th row of the upper deck, which is painted purple in a sea of green seats, and you'll be exactly one mile above sea level.


Located in Denver's bustling LoDo district, Coors is one of three National League ballparks named after a beer company; there are none in the American League. If you don't like Coors, though, no worries; they sell a wide variety of beer at the park including some tasty local micro-brews.

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Coors Field was part of the wave of fan-friendly, retro ballparks built in the 1990s, and it is a great place to see a game. Its construction also coincided with and greatly contributed to the redevelopment of Denver’s Lower Downtown. LoDo is now full of unique bars, restaurants, shops and galleries, so plan to spend time exploring the neighborhood pre- or post-game. The 16th Street Mall about four blocks from Coors is a focal point of activity. .. For a pre-game bite, go to the Wynkoop Brewing Company, where they brew their own beer and offer some unique and tasty eats in the restaurant. … Once it’s time to head into the game, consider your priorities. If your budget is tight or you’d simply rather spend your hard-earned dollars on food and beer (understandable), head to the Rockpile – the bleachers sitting above the fountains in centerfield – where seats go for $4. You’re not close to the field but you get a nice overview of the action and a panoramic look at the Denver skyline. … Visit the upper deck, right field side, for a stunning view of the sun setting over the Rocky Mountains. And while you’re up there climb up to the 20th row, where the seats are painted purple to designate that they’re exactly 5,280 feet, or one mile, above sea level. … Coors may be the name on the façade but there are many other – dare we say much better – brew options. There is an assortment of Blue Moon beers on tap and local micro-brew favorite Dale’s Pale Ale. Cough up an extra buck for the taste. … As for eats, go authentic Colorado and get a buffalo hot dog or brat. If you’re really brave there are Rocky Mountain oysters, too. … After the final out, head across the street to Jackson’s Sports Rock to bond with Rockies’ fans over beers, and take a turn on one of the great shuffleboard tables. … It’d be a shame to be in Colorado and not take in some of the scenery. A close by option is the Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater in Morrison, where you can hike around to take in the stunning rock formations and views. … Further afield, but not much, is Rocky Mountain National Park with its awesome scenery and various outdoor pursuits. 

Wynkoop Brewing Company, 1634 18th St., (303) 297-2700 

Jackson’s Sports Rock, 1520 20th St., (303) 298-7625 

Rocky Mountain National Park, 1000 Highway 36, Estes Park, (970) 586-1206

Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater, 18300 W. Alameda Pkwy., Morrison, (720) 865-2494


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The centerfield bleachers at Coors Field – sitting majestically above the fountains beyond the outfield fence – are known as the Rockpile. If you’re up for a cheap night at the ballpark, this is the pla... Read more »

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