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Where's the Man in the White Hat

For years, the most recognizable person on broadcasts from Dodger Stadium wasn’t Steve Garvey or Orel Hershiser or Tommy Lasorda, but a guy in a white Panama hat positioned behind home plate. That was Mike Brito, a longtime Dodgers scout who recorded the speed of every pitch with his radar gun, and looked dapper doing it.

Well, as anyone who’s watched a Dodgers game in recent years knows, Brito is gone, a consequence of today’s baseball economics. The Dodgers constructed a Dugout Club for its high-rollers where Brito used to stand. It’s a trend throughout the majors, and at Dodger Stadium has also covered a good bit of foul ground in what used to be a large swath of grass between home plate and the backstop. The Dodgers used to get letters asking them to bring Brito back, but hitters probably aren’t complaining as their foul pop-ups now drop harmlessly into the seats.

Brito, by the way, was credited with discovering Fernando Valenzuela, and he still works as a scout for the team today.

Dodger Stadium is one of the largest parks in the majors, with a capacity of about 56,000, and is considered a pitcher’s park, although less so than in the past because of the loss of foul ground behind home plate and up the lines (due to other high-prices seats). The foul ground is still more substantial than many other parks, and the power alleys are a relatively deep 385 feet.