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Dodger Stadium is tucked into scenic Chavez Ravine, a unique setting considering it’s smack in the middle of the sprawling city of Los Angeles. While that setting provides great views of swaying palm trees and the San Gabriel Mountains in the background, the immediate vicinity of the ballpark is nothing more than parking lots. But considering you’re probably driving to the game anyway, it’s not that big a deal. 

So at game’s end head back to that car and get ready to explore the City of Angels. L.A. is earthquakes, brush fires, and more cars on the road than you ever thought possible. It’s Hollywood, Beverly Hills, the beaches, and it is huge. Don’t even think about trying to see it all. 

There’s nothing as pretty and iconic as the beaches of SoCal, so you might as well start there. Malibu is beautiful and opulent, and a half hour’s drive from Santa Monica, which sits at the western edge of Los Angeles. Must-sees along the Pacific include the Venice boardwalk and the Santa Monica Pier.

Almost everything in L.A. centers around show business… no exaggeration. The movie and television deals actually do go down at lunch pretty much everywhere, and if you hang out in Beverly Hills long enough, you will see a star. Really, it’s a commonplace experience. And it’s no cliché about your waiter being an actor or a writer. It’s an iron-clad guarantee. He might be insulted, but ask him anyway.

The Farmer’s Market and the adjacent Grove shopping center on Fairfax Avenue are tourist spots that are actually appreciated by locals too. But if there’s a street that best represents L.A., it’s Sunset Boulevard. It’s a great street to conquer one end to the other. Start at the ocean and head the only direction you can: east. Follow the windy roads of Pacific Palisades, through Brentwood to Westwood, with UCLA on your right. About 30 minutes in a straight shot.

Next you’ll come to Beverly Hills, and in another 20 minutes, the heart of Hollywood. It gets gritty from there, but always interesting. When you get to a street called Gower, look over your left shoulder, directly at the Hollywood sign.

The neighborhoods of Los Feliz, Silver Lake and Echo Park are on the way to Dodger Stadium, which can be accessed from Sunset. Continue east another two miles, if you like, and you’re in the main hub of downtown Los Angeles.

Los Angeles and the entire region, of course, have much more to offer with excellent museums, nightlife and various outdoor adventures. Check out Lonely Planet’s take on the LA experience, or any number of other on-line and in-print guides.