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Experience the Park Dodger Stadium Fan Guide

Palm Trees and Dodger Dogs

When they built Dodger Stadium, they got it right. While other ballparks were considered outdated after a couple of decades, Dodger Stadium is going strong as it approaches 50, making it the second oldest park in the National League to Wrigley Field.

It’s a gem set down in Chavez Ravine smack in the middle of the second largest city in the United States, a fact you quickly forget if attending a game there or watching on TV. There are the swaying palm trees and hills of Elysian Park in the background, and beyond that the San Gabriel Mountains. Dodger Stadium, which opened in 1962, is actually built into a hillside, creating a unique dynamic where fans in the upper deck don’t have far to climb if they go in the correct gate.

Dodger fans are fanatical about the signature dish at the park, the Dodger Dog. In fact, a tremendous ruckus ensued a few years back when the team switched from grilled Dodger Dogs to steamed. The change occurred after Rupert Murdoch’s Fox Entertainment Group purchased the Dodgers. Murdoch and Fox were out of baseball shortly thereafter, which may be a coincidence, or not.

You can now get the dog done either way, but ask for it grilled or risk looking like a rookie.

Peanuts are also on the menu at Dodger Stadium, and serving them up is probably the most celebrated peanut vendor anywhere. Roger Owens has been working the stadium since it opened, using his patented behind-the-back and under-the-leg tosses to hit fans a section away. There’s a book about him and he’s done tons of press, including appearances on the Tonight Show. Dodgers fans like to joke that Owens is blessed with a considerably stronger arm than Juan Pierre, even at twice his age.