Dodger Stadium

Home of the Los Angeles Dodgers
1000 Elysian Park Avenue Los Angeles, California, 90012 View Map
(866) 363-4377
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Sport: Baseball
League: MLB
Team: Los Angeles Dodgers

Year Built: 1962
Stadium Capacity: 56,000

Opened in 1962, this park is now one of the oldest in the Majors, but don't let that fool you; it's undergone various modernizations and the setting in Chavez Ravine remains maybe the best in baseball. Bring some headphones and tune in the incomparable Vin Scully calling the game on the radio. And try a Dodger Dog to see if it lives up to the hype. Can millions of Dodgers' fans be wrong?

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When they built Dodger Stadium, they got it right. While other ballparks were considered outdated after a couple of decades, Dodger Stadium is going strong at 50, making it the third oldest park in the Majors behind Wrigley and Fenway. … Los Angeles does have a subway now and there’s a free shuttle bus to the park from downtown, but the car is still king in southern California and a vast majority of fans will be driving to the game. If you do so, don’t plan on tailgating because it’s prohibited at Dodger Stadium. And there’s no Murphy’s across the street or Cask ‘N Flagon outside the left-field fence. … Still, there are a few spots close by where Dodgers fans gather before and after games. Hit the Short Stop bar for a pre-game pop less than a mile away on Sunset Boulevard; it used to be a hangout for LAPD officers but now gets more patrons wearing Dodger blue. … Once inside the ballpark appreciate the uniqueness of the setting: Set down in Chavez Ravine smack in the middle of the second largest city in the United States, there are swaying palm trees and the hills of Elysian Park in the background, and beyond that the San Gabriel Mountains. It’s a place like no other. … Dodger fans are fanatical about the signature dish at the park, the Dodger Dog. Ask for it grilled or risk looking like a rookie. … If you’re still unimpressed, a tasty alternative are the Saag’s sausages. … When it comes to another ballpark staple, keep an eye out for famous peanut vendor Roger Owens. He’s been working the stadium since it opened, using his patented behind-the-back and under-the-leg tosses to hit fans a section away. … After the game, it’s time to head out and explore the City of Angels, and luckily the stadium is centrally located in the megalopolis of greater Los Angeles. For a true California experience, head to Gladstone’s on the beach in Malibu, where after a dip in the Pacific you can sample some excellent seafood and a brew or two on their patio. … Then hop on the street that probably best represents L.A.: Sunset Boulevard. It’s a great street to conquer one end to the other. Start at the ocean and head the only direction you can, east, and follow its windy path through Pacific Palisades, Brentwood, Westwood, Beverly Hills and into the heart of Hollywood.


The Short Stop, 1455 Sunset Blvd., (213) 482-4942

Gladstone’s, 17300 Pacific Coast Highway, (310) 454-3474

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Palm Trees and Dodger Dogs

When they built Dodger Stadium, they got it right. While other ballparks were considered outdated after a couple of decades, Dodger Stadium is going strong as it approaches 50, making it the second ... Read more »

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