Petco Park

Home of the San Diego Padres
100 Park Boulevard San Diego, California, 92101 View Map
(619) 795-5000
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Venue Info

Sport: Baseball
League: MLB
Team: San Diego Padres

Year Built: 2004
Stadium Capacity: 42,445

Petco Park is located downtown in the historic and bustling Gaslamp Quarter, so there's plenty to see and do before and after the game. Rather than knockdown the 95-year old Western Metal Supply Company Building, the Padres incorporated it into their new ballpark. It stands in the left-field corner and contains a restaurant, suites and bleachers on the roof.     

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The Padres and their fans enjoyed an excellent upgrade when the team moved from Qualcomm (formerly Jack Murphy) Stadium to Petco Park. It’s a great place to watch a game and the downtown Gaslamp Quarter is buzzing, so get there early and look around. … And while you’re walking, stop in Tivoli for a couple. It’s just a couple of blocks from the park and one of San Diego’s oldest bars. Ok, it’s a dive, but a friendly one where Padres fans gather pre- and post-game. … Enter the park from the north and on your way in check out the Park at the Park and the statue of Padre great Tony Gwynn there. … Like many of the newer parks, Petco has wide concourses full of concessions that encourage fans to stroll around. Take advantage of it, and stop at the Mercado behind home plate, an open space with views out toward Coronado Bay. Grab a margarita at the La Cantina stand there (hey, it’s San Diego). … They go good with the fish tacos, the unofficial signature food item of San Diego. If that sounds like an odd thing to eat at a ballgame, hit the Randy Jones Barbeque stand, run by the ex-San Diego pitcher. … At some point during the game check out the Western Metal Supply Company Building in the left-field corner. Rather than knock down the 100-year-old building, the Padres incorporated it into their new ballpark. The team store on the first floor has a section right off the warning track where you can stand and watch the game. … After the game it’s back out into the Gaslamp Qaurter. While there are dozens of bars and restaurants to choose from, for dinner you can’t go wrong at Blue Point. … After some excellent seafood there, go to Croce’s to hear some jazz. It’s run by Jim Croce’s widow and is a stylish place to grab a drink and hear some tunes.


Tivoli, 505 6th Ave., (619) 232-6754

Blue Point, 565 5th Ave., (619) 233-6623 

Croce’s, 802 5th Avenue, (619) 233-4355

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