Nationals Park

Home of the Washington Nationals
1500 S. Capitol Street, SE Washington, Washington D.C., 20003 View Map
(202) 675-5100
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Lovely ballpark in all regards. Easy access by car or Metro in a city known for horrible traffic jams. After a slow start in the early years, the fans are turning out in large numbers these days creating a wonderful atmosphere. The only obvious miss is that the ballpark fails to incorporate the historic DC skyline. It's a crime that the view of the US Capital is nonexistent due to parking garages just beyond the left field stands.


This was the first year for Nationals Park, and I think most people agree that it is a winner. The designers did a good job of making sure that your seat is close to the action on the field and close to refreshments and food in the concourses. One of my favorite places to catch the game was from the Red Loft Bar in centerfield or the bar under the scoreboard in right center. Both have great views of the field, are extremely close to the other outfield sections, but can be accessed by simply purchasing a standing room ticket for $5 -- its the best bargain in the park. They did a nice job of getting the best of DC's popular food items as vendors in the Park -- Ben's Chili bowl, Red, Hot and Blue, Hard Times, and 5 Guys Burgers all have a stand there. The Park is easy to get to via Metro or you can park for free at RFK and then take a shuttle bus to Nats park -- there are also tons of people tailgaiting here. There plenty of parking spots, but they cost $25. I would say that the worst thing about the park in 2008 is that there is nothing -- absolutely nothing -- in terms of bars or restaraunts outside the park. So if you want a pre or post game beer, stick with the bars on PA Avenue or 8th Street on the Hill.