Nationals Park

Home of the Washington Nationals
1500 S. Capitol Street, SE Washington, Washington D.C., 20003 View Map
(202) 675-5100
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Venue Info

Sport: Baseball
League: MLB
Team: Washington Nationals

Year Built: 2008
Stadium Capacity: 41,888

Nationals Park arrived on the scene in 2008 and Nats' fans accustomed to schleping it to old RFK Stadium rejoiced. The park cost $611 million and it appears they got it right as there's hardly a bad seat in the house. There's not much to do around the park, but anyone remotely interested in baseball and sports should squeeze in a visit among stops at the Smithsonian and the monuments. Now if they could just get a winning baseball team.


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Nationals Park is located right in the city and while there isn’t much to do right around the park yet, the U.S. Capitol and many other sites are within easy reach. So plan to spend time checking out the monuments and museums before heading to the park. … And take Metrorail to the game as it’ll drop you right near the park and you won’t have to deal with the hassle of DC traffic and parking. … There’s hardly a bad seat in the park, and if you come without a ticket see if the day-of-game $5 tickets are available. They’re in the top corner of the upper deck but provide a nice overview of the field and you can look out at the Washington skyline. … The food at Nationals Park has gotten favorable reviews, and if you’re looking for some local flavor hit the Five Guys restaurant stand for a burger and some Cajun fries (section 240) or grab a Ben’s Chili Bowl (section 109). Ben’s is a local institution. … And make sure you’re in your seat in the middle of the 4th inning for the famous racing presidents, and cheer on George, Tom, Abe and Teddy.Take a walk out to centerfield at some point where the kids can enjoy various games at the Strike Zone area and adults can hit the Red Porch restaurant or the Red Loft bar. … A great place to unwind after the game is at Bullfeathers of Capitol Hill, a popular and reasonably priced bar/restaurant less than a mile from the park. It’s the perfect spot to have a drink as you plan your next move, or just hunker down with one of their delicious burgers and hang there for the night.    

Bullfeathers of Capitol Hill, 410 1st St SE, 202-543-5005

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At Wise Guides, we believe “spectator” should be a verb. Not because you should suck down 12 beers, run on the field and try to take the first baseman’s job — you shouldn’t. It’s because there’s so much more to going to a game than simply sitting in your seat watching the action. There are stadiums and neighborhoods to explore, food and drink to try, history to learn and interesting people to meet. Try our Wise Guides tips, they are funny, helpful and, we hope, interesting.

Know Your History

The Washington Nationals made their debut in 2005 but the franchise dates back to 1969 and the first Montreal Expos team, and baseball in D.C. has a much longer, and complicated, past. It all started mo... Read more »

Get Some Grub

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Soak up the Scene at Nationals' Park

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