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Experience the Park Sun Life Stadium Fan Guide

Have a Drink

Whether you need something to wash down that jumbo hot dog you just devoured during the fourth inning or you’re looking for a cold, frosty one to quench your thirst in the brutal Miami heat, Dolphin Stadium has you covered. There are an army of vendors ready to serve you at your seat, and because of the small crowds it’s not like you have to fight for their attention. And wherever those seats are – upper deck, lower level or indoor, Club level – there’s bound to be a concession stand close by.

These stands on the concourses, and there are many, carry your traditional ballpark beverages: various sodas, juices and water. For the kiddies, this will do just fine. For the adults, it’s easy to find bottles of Budweiser or Bud Light as Dolphin Stadium is an Anheuser-Busch house.

There are other options, though, for the exploratory types. There’s the malt beverage Zima and Bacardi Breezers, and specialty brews Presidente and Stella Artois among an impressive selection of foreign and domestic beers. If you look hard you can also find a Miami favorite (via Cuba), the mojito.

For those with the cash or good fortune to luck into a club level seat, you can grab a drink in one of three Legends Clubs around the stadium. They provide a nice spot to escape the muggy South Florida weather while still catching the action.