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Experience the Park Turner Field Fan Guide

Behold the Jumbotron

Behold the jumbotron! Officially known as BravesVision, this 71’ by 78’ HDTV screen in center field is supposedly the largest of its kind in the world and an undeniable pleasure of a Braves game. No matter where you sit, it’s hard to keep your eyes off it. 

Expect to be bombarded with the usual displays: players’ mug shots, pertinent stats, defensive gems, trivia. But also watch for cheesy between-innings fun such as:

Hi/Lo: Clearly derived from The Price is Right, a lucky fan determines the price accuracy of three common grocery-store items.  Let your inner game-show geek emerge, or shake your head at the decline of Western culture—or both.


Hot Tunes: Fan applause determines one of three songs, usually ‘60s and ‘70s nuggets, to be played between innings. Stevie Wonder always gets votes; somehow, James Brown and Chuck Berry don’t. Before the winning song is played, enjoy a Braves pre-taped shout-out, certain to enhance your appreciation.

Kiss Cam: Loving couples of all ages are scoped out for their loving-ness and likelihood of kissing. Out of fear, embarrassment, or even pure joy, most of them do actually kiss. Those who don’t are soundly booed. For some reason, this segment always ends with a shot of a guy wearing the visiting team’s attire.


Tool Race: A digitized Hammer, Drill, and Saw race around a digitized track. There’s a different winner every time. A surprisingly suspenseful 45 seconds, and a great opportunity to cheer on power tools.