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Experience the Park Turner Field Fan Guide

Getting to Turner Field

In terms of convenience, Turner Field ranks fairly low. Several freeways converge nearby but Atlanta traffic can be a bear, and the park isn’t served directly by MARTA (Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority) trains, although it is accessible by MARTA shuttle bus. Which is the best way to go? Depends on your budget and your patience.

By car: Turner Field is just south and east of the junction of interstates 20, 75, and 85, at 755 Hank Aaron Drive, a short, renamed section of Capitol Avenue. 75 and 85 run together in this section of town and are jointly known as the “connector.” Note that Atlanta police re-route traffic before and after games; the best policy is to locate your exit, find the Turner Field signs, and go with the flow.

From Interstate 75/85 north or south: Exit 246 (Fulton Street).

From Interstate 20 east: Exit 56B (Windsor Street/Spring Street/Turner Field).

From Interstate 20 west: Either Exit 58B (Hill Street) or 58A (Capitol Avenue).

On game days, you’ll pay $12 to park. If you purchase tickets online, you can get parking passes for $10. Highly recommended: the Orange or Gold lots, with easy postgame access to all three interstates. Here’s a map and info from the Braves site.

Advantages: Comfort and convenience. If you’re in a group, driving may be the best way to go.  If you split the cost with your mates, it’s an even better way to go.

Disadvantages: Unpredictable traffic in a commuter-heavy part of town; aggressive, blunt traffic cops.


By public transit: To take the shuttle bus, you must first take a MARTA train to the Five Points station, the central hub for both the north/south and east/west lines. Train rides are $1.75 each way, and Breeze tickets or cards must be purchased at vending machines near the entry gates.  (Tickets are for individual rides; cards are for multiple rides and can be replenished.) At Five Points, exit the train on either side and look for “Braves Shuttle” signs. Go up the stairs, tap your Breeze card, go through the gates, but don’t exit the station. Take a hard right, go down the stairs, and walk through Underground Atlanta past several kiosks and quickie restaurants.

The shuttle is located outside, just past Johnny Rockets, and it’s free if you’ve ridden the train; have your Breeze ticket or card ready. The park is a seven- to ten-minute ride away, and you’ll be dropped off right in front of Turner Field. Shuttles return to Five Points from the same location, beginning in the seventh inning. And if it’s a lopsided game on an August day, that’s not a bad idea.

Advantages: Shuttles are frequent, they may save you a bit of money, and the convenience can’t be beat.  

Disadvantages: Trains can be infrequent (especially on weekends), the walk to the shuttle is a bit long, and there’s that public-transit sardine-can feeling.