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Experience the Park Turner Field Fan Guide

Get a Ticket (it's easy)

Unless it’s an intriguing interleague match-up or the postseason, Turner Field tickets are remarkably easy to come by these days, even on holiday weekends and even in the heat of a pennant race. So, avoid those cursed on-line surcharges and instead get to the game early and go to one of the “game day” ticket booths outside the park (to the right of the will call booths). 

The outfield pavilion seats ($22-26) may be the best combination of action proximity and price.  If you want the absolute cheapest seats, though, go with the upper pavilion ($6) in right field, which is not as far away as it seems.  Word to the acrophobic: the bargain price means a fairly steep climb, but it’s cool to see the Atlanta skyline from your seat.

New in 2008 are three different sections of “all you can eat” seats, where one flat rate ($30 and up) gains you a seat and access to all the food, soda, and—in one section—beer you care to pack away.  

Another option, less preferable than the ticket booths, is to buy from a scalper. Turner Field scalpers seem to generally fall into two categories: hustlers trying to unload tickets they just bought for less, and business types trying to unload company-provided tickets they didn’t pay for to begin with. Once in a while, you can really score—two dugout-level seats for the price of one, for instance—so just determine your price ceiling and go for it. But don’t listen if told you can’t do better: usually you can.