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Citizens Bank Park

Home of the Philadelphia Phillies
One Citizens Bank Way Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19148 View Map
(215) 463-1000
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Experience the Park Citizens Bank Park Fan Guide

Soak up the Scene

Many old school baseball fans might believe a mascot doesn’t belong within 100 miles of a ballpark, but in Philadelphia the Phillie Phanatic gets points for longevity (he’s been around since 1977) and being, it seems, generally beloved by locals. The fury, fluffy green monster keeps fans loose whether the Phillies are winning or not, interacting – and sometimes mocking – the umpires, opposing players and fans. The Phanatic is a part of the Citizen’s Bank Park experience and impossible to ignore.

Here are some other traditions unique to Philadelphia’s ballpark:

  • Each year on Opening Day the Phillies parade from their center field bullpen on a red carpet to the dugout when they are introduced by public address announcer Dan Baker.
  •  A 50-foot tall Liberty Bell replica lights up, swings back and forth and rings in celebration of a Philadelphia home run or victory. It’s located in right-center field. 
  • One of the newest traditions, since the stadium’s opening in 2004, is to throw back any home run balls hit by an opponent.
  • For children there is the Phanatic Phun Zone near the first base gate. It’s for kids eight and under, and features various games for them to climb, explore and play.
  • Ashburn Alley has great concessions but also features a lot of Phillies history. There’s the All-Star Walk, granite markers featuring Phillies All-Stars since the first All-Star Game; Memory Lane, which is an illustrated history of Philadelphia baseball; and the Wall of Fame, bronze plaques of the players enshrined in the Phillies Wall of Fame.
  • Talk a walk. … Citizens Bank Park is the perfect park to simply take a stroll. It was designed so that fans walking the concourse looking for food or the bathroom can still see the action on the field. And it has an open outfield, providing fans with a great view of the city skyline. There are also four 10-foot bronze statues of Phillies’ Hall of Famers Richie Ashburn, Robin Roberts, Steve Carlton and Mike Schmidt around the park, as well as a statue of Connie Mack. In Ashburn Alley fans can view the bullpens and watch pitchers from both teams warm up, and play interactive, baseball-themed games.