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Citizens Bank Park

Home of the Philadelphia Phillies
One Citizens Bank Way Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19148 View Map
(215) 463-1000
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What's the Angle

One of the most notable features of Citizens Bank Park is a section of the outfield wall just to the left of center field that juts into the playing field. The Angle, as it’s called, has heights that taper from 19 feet to just under 13 feet, and according to the Phillies is “sure to create havoc for outfielders and produce some interesting extra-base hits.”

And it occasionally does, although like the quirks at many of the newer ballparks (Citizens Bank opened in 2004), it seems a bit contrived. The Green Monster at Fenway was built because there was a busy city street right behind it, not because the park’s designers wanted to “create havoc for outfielders.”

Citizens Bank gained a reputation as a home run hitter’s park after it opened, but that’s been negated somewhat since they moved the fences back after the 2005 season. According to its Park Factor, it’s now middle-of-the-pack in both home runs and runs allowed. That doesn’t mean you won’t still hear the occasional reference in the media to it being generous to hitters.

This doesn’t affect the play at Citizens Bank, but the ballpark gets high marks for its open concourse that allows fans to wander the park and still see the action on the field. And the open outfield provides great views of the Philadelphia skyline a couple of miles to the north.