Citizens bank park1

Citizens Bank Park

Home of the Philadelphia Phillies
One Citizens Bank Way Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19148 View Map
(215) 463-1000
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Total upgrade from the Vet. Many Memories there. Doesn't hold as many people but the atmosphere is unbelievable


This is a terrific ballpark, much better than the Vet. Batting practice here is a lot of fun, but if you are in the 'line of fire' in RF or LF, you gotta pay attention! Ashburn Alley plus the open access to the BP ball landing zone makes for a GREAT pregame experience. Seating and views are good, even upstairs. Food is average except for Bull's BBQ--and since I've seen Bull work there multiple times, I know it's more "real" than Boog's BBQ, where at least the time I was there, Boog was half crocked an hour before the game when he greeted us (it was an April night). Bull on the other hand, worked and sold me my sandwiches. My only complaint: as a Mets fan, the fans there can be a little raunchy and hostile, esp. since the Phils overtook us twice and won it all in 08. Oh well. One of my favorite ballparks! Prices are reasonable too.


Citizens Bank Park is a much nicer park to watch a ball game in than the Phillies previous home, Veteran's Stadium. However the Vet had a much better atmosphere because it was a lot louder because it held almost 20,000 more people than Citizen's Bank Park. But the Phils did a good job of making CBP a good place to watch a game. The atmosphere is good and there is plenty to do around the stadium. Whether you want to harrass the visiting players in the bull pen or give them encouragement, it's easy. You are literally on top of the visiting bull pen. I mean, you are there, however there is plenty of security there to keep you from doing something stupid. Tailgating in the parking lot is a lot of fun. However, fans don't grill up homemade cheesesteaks in the parking lot. I'm sure some do, but for the most part it's simple, burgers, chicken, hot dogs and lots of drinking. Not quite like an Eagles game, but it's a nice atmosphere. Geno's and Pat's aren't the best places to eat a cheesesteak in South Philly, let alone in the city of Philadelphia. They're OK, but there are better options, but if you are an out of towner, I guess it's ok to go there because they're the tourist places to go.


This place is a huge upgrade from the crappy Vet, and now there's a Series title to celebrate, too. Come with an appetite but forget about the cheesesteaks; get those on the outside at Pat's or Geno's or any number of places. Hit Bulls BBQ instead. One drawback of this place is it's surrounded by a parking lot and not in a city neighborhood.


Now Phillies fans have no reason to be miserable, the World Champs and beautiful new ballpark....let's see how long until they start booing these guys again.