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Citizens Bank Park

Home of the Philadelphia Phillies
One Citizens Bank Way Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19148 View Map
(215) 463-1000
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Venue Info

Sport: Baseball
League: MLB
Team: Philadelphia Phillies

Year Built: 2004
Stadium Capacity: 43,500

Citizens Bank Park is located in Philadelphia's South Side stadium complex next to the homes of the Eagles, and the Sixers and Flyers. It's a beautiful park, and they've made an effort to highlight local cuisine, including hoagies and cheesesteaks. And you're likely to see former Phils' slugger Greg Luzinski at Bulls' BBQ. It's located along Ashburn Alley, an outfield concourse of shops and concessions named for Phils' legend and HOFer Richie Ashburn.    

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Citizens Bank Park is a part of Philadelphia’s South Side stadium complex but the spot is somewhat remote and is surrounded by parking lots. For this reason, many fans tailgate before games, so expect to smell homemade Philly cheesesteaks and other delicacies being grilled up. … Instead of the homemade variety, though, hit Geno’s and Pat’s on your way to the game and pick up cheesesteaks at both famous joints, located across the street from each other. This will allow you to join in one of the longest running debates in the City of Brotherly Love: Who’s cheesesteaks are better? … If you don’t want to join a tailgate or need a break from the scene, head across Broad Street to Chickie’s and Pete’s for their famous Crab Fries and to have a drink with Phils’ fans. They may be a happy and optimistic bunch, unusual for Philly fans, after the world title in 2008. … The food at Citizens Bank has earned recognition as some of the best ballpark grub anywhere, and many local favorites are offered. At some point during the game head to Ashburn Alley beyond the outfield wall, named for one-time Phils great Richie Ashburn. It’s another former fan favorite, however, who has the most popular stand here: Bull’s BBQ. It offers barbequed pork, beef, turkey and ribs, and Greg ‘The Bull’ Luzinski, a Phillies slugger from the 1970s, is often on hand. … As the final out is recorded and the Liberty Bell in center field rings, head to McFadden’s Restaurant & Saloon to wait out the traffic. It’s connected to the park and stays open after the game. … Close out the day by exploring Center City Philadelphia, a short cab/car/train ride away and bustling with activity well into the night. Chestnut and Walnut streets are both lively, as is famous South Street with its unique shops, cafes, bars and restaurants.

Chickie’s and Pete’s Crabhouse and Sports Bar, 1526 Packer Ave., (215) 218-0500

McFadden’s Restaurant & Saloon, 11th and Pattison (Third Base Gate), (215) 952-0300

Geno’s Steaks, 1219 S. 9th St., (215) 389-0659

Pat’s King of Steaks, 9th Street, Wharton and Passyunk Avenues, (215) 468-1546

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Liberty and Cheesesteaks for All

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