Citi field home

Citi Field

Home of the New York Mets
123-01 Roosevelt Avenue Flushing, New York, 11368 View Map
(718) 507-6387
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Went to Citi Field in its first week and was very impressed. It's a beautiful park and laid out very well. The sightlines are great and there are places all over the park where you can stand and watch the game, so wander around when you're there. And eat a lot; the food is 10 times better than Shea. Only problem is some of the more popular stands like that Shake Shack have huge lines, so get there early, like well before opening pitch. Big drawback to this place is the neighborhood, or lack of one. Auto salvage yards across the street and no tavern within sight. Everybody just leaves as soon as the game ends. Too bad, but I know the Mets and city are hoping that changes.

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