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Citi Field

Home of the New York Mets
123-01 Roosevelt Avenue Flushing, New York, 11368 View Map
(718) 507-6387
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It's NOT Mets enough (I am a big Mets fan) and the damn OF fence is too high and far...but it is a beautiful place to watch a game. Been there twice--too much has been made about the Ebbets stuff. The rotunda is nice, Jackie was a hero., Shops are fine, Nike store is WAY too small. Shake Shack should be twice as big to accomodate the crowds. Prices for food are not much higher; condiments concierge is a hoot! The Wilpons made a mistake dissing the orange and blue though! Black fences? Green seats? Red shirted security--made me think I was in Philly! Oy. Hot dogs are improved too! And this yr's souvenir cups are actually nice! Going back Sunday, last scheduled trip. In sum, very nice, wide aisles, nice staff. Parking was a cinch after the last few yrs and subways are running express more now. It'd be nice if they'd grab a few blocks back from the chop shops for shops, etc. across the street. Site lines in OF corners are no good from upper deck; HATE that Excelsior level is closed off unless you have a ticket. Like the ease of movement, but wish it was more open like Philly feels, though the seating areas are very similar in design (HOK!) 5000 more seats would have been smart, this is NY! Make the fences royal blue, add some seats, improve the HR potential a bit, and it'd be the best I've been to. Not yet though. Let's go Mets.


Went to Citi Field in its first week and was very impressed. It's a beautiful park and laid out very well. The sightlines are great and there are places all over the park where you can stand and watch the game, so wander around when you're there. And eat a lot; the food is 10 times better than Shea. Only problem is some of the more popular stands like that Shake Shack have huge lines, so get there early, like well before opening pitch. Big drawback to this place is the neighborhood, or lack of one. Auto salvage yards across the street and no tavern within sight. Everybody just leaves as soon as the game ends. Too bad, but I know the Mets and city are hoping that changes.


I never had a bad time at Shea... it wasn't the best ballpark, but I'm not sure why everyone over the last year was suddenly so certain it was the biggest dump anywhere. Ticket and beer prices next door may have them missing Shea next season. PS and justdewitt... chicago does have a subway; part of the El runs underground downtown, including the line connecting Wrigley and the Cell.


I am a Yankee fan so I cannot rave about Shea. The ugly bastard will be taken down in a few weeks so I hope they improve with the new one. I still cheer on a NY team before anyone else. P.s. A subway series can only happen in NYC; Chicago does not have subways.