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Experience the Park PNC Park Fan Guide

Be a Yinzer

Want to come off as a true Pittsburgher? Here’s a guide to help you understand some of the words and phrases you might hear being tossed around the PNC Park stands.

Yinzer: A term used to describe an average Pittsburgher.

Pittsburghese: The language spoken by the average Yinzer.

Bir(s): Beer, or, beers.

n’at: A common conjunction used at the end of a sentence meaning ‘and that,’ or ‘among other things.’  Ex: “You wanna go to the Buccos game and get some birs, n’at?”

Jagoff(s): A jagoff(s) is a jerk or a group of jerks.  Ex: “The Cardinals have a roster full of jagoffs this year.”

Nebbynose: A person who keeps looking over your shoulder to see how many hot dogs you brought back from the all-you-can-eat section.

Buccos: A nickname for the Pirates.

Ahrn: That’d be ‘Iron.’  The word is Pittsburghese for Pittsburgh Brewing Company’s Iron City Beer.

Church Key: Bottle Opener.

“Kennywood’s open: Although Kennywood is a famous Pittsburgh amusement park, the phrase means that you forgot to zipper back up once you left the bathroom.

“J’eet jet?”: A question, asking did you eat yet.  Response: “No, j’ew?”, translated, no, did you?

Raise the Jorry Roger”: Raising the Jolly Roger, is when the Pirates flag is waved in Left Center field after a win.

It’s a Burgh thing”: Anything distinctly unique to Pittsburgh.

Airyago Buccos!”: An Exclamation, when the Pirates do something positive.  Translation: “There you go Pirates!”

Just remember to keep these words and phrases in mind while enjoying a game at PNC Park and the local fans may never suspect you of being from Cleveland. Another option: Keep your mouth shut but wear black and gold in any form, preferably a jersey or t-shirt from any Pittsburgh sports team (yes, they all wear black and gold). Don that and you’ll be safe among the Yinzers.