PNC Park

Home of the Pittsburgh Pirates
115 Federal Way Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 15212 View Map
(412) 323-5000
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Beautiful park. Pittsburgh got it right.


Best park of the 20 or so that I have visited. Views are fabulous!


Visited PNC Park last summer for a game against the Reds. This stadium has some great views. We had great seats down the first base line. The fact that this is a brand new stadium plays in its favor. Our hotel was right across the street from the park and there are places around to eat and drink before and after the game including Jerome Bettis' place and McFadden's. Overall, this may be one of the top stadiums around, but the team playing in it does not help its cause.


Went to see the Cubs play the Bucs a couple summers ago here and it was great. Even though the team stinks this is defintiely worth a visit. It might be the best spot to see a game in majors; do a lap around the park beforehand and check out the river walk.


This a a nice stadium to watch a game. It is designed so that you can see the game from the vending concourse. I really liked the way the stadium and the Pirates, a very old team honor their past (i.e. Honus Wagner) My only complaint is that this is so "not" a Steelers crowd. My trip was at a very lazy twi-night doubleheader. The Pirates were a hundred games out of first place, Unfortunately, that's been the story for way too long. If Pittsburgh fans are not getting on your nerves, than something is wrong. My nerves were not frayed a bit during my visit.


Living in Pittsburgh, I have had the special opportunity to frequent this park every baseball season and the priviledge of calling it my home field. It is a must see on the checklist of any baseball fan. Truly built for the fan, it stands as a testament to the storied past of the Pittsburgh Pirates franchise and of Professional Baseball in America. Breathtaking views of downtown, great options for food and drink inside the stadium, wonderfull neighborhoods surrounding the stadium to explore, activities for the entire family on Federal St. and in the park on game-day...PNC Park has a little bit of something for everyone. Just a quick tip: A pedestrian friendly waterfall next to the Park along the Allegheny River is a great place to dip your feet in on a hot day, take a date, or turn the kids loose for a while. PNC Park is a must see for any visitor to the city.


I have been to this park twice - once for a regular season game and once for the 2006 All-Star game. I love this park - caveat, I grew-up a Pirates fan and still have a soft spot for them. It really is too bad they have not figured out how to put a quality product on the field as the park is one of the top in the Big Leagues. We went early and walked the outside to see the statues. Once inside we headed out to the river-walk area where we had some of Manny's BBQ. He was there and I asked him who was the best he ever caught - he said without hesitation, "Doc Ellis". We stayed at the priory hotel less than a mile from the Park and then headed up to Ohio street for a few beers. Good time.