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Home of the Pittsburgh Pirates
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Road Trip An Itinerary for PNC Park

PNC Park is truly a fans ballpark, offering stunning views of the city and providing plenty of food, drink and entertainment, all while bringing the spectators as close to the game as possible. Yea, the Pirates almost always suck, but the park really does make up for it. … Start by parking your car on the other side of the Allegheny River and walking across the Roberto Clemente Bridge to the park. The bridge is closed to traffic on game days and provides great views of PNC and the city. … If you want to take in the city from the water, the Gateway Clipper Fleet offers shuttles that drop fans off right at the park. … Once outside PNC, check out the pre-game festivities on Federal Street where vendors will be hawking everything from peanuts to Pirates paraphernalia. Then hit the Federal Street Grille, which is attached to the park on Federal and offers some reasonably priced snacks and beverages. … Before entering the park, take a quick trip around the outside, stopping at the statues of three Pirates greats: Roberto Clemente outside of the center field gate, Willie Stargell outside left field, and Honus Wagner behind the home plate gate. … The food and drink options inside the park are top notch. Have a Pittsburgher – a meat and cheese sandwich piled high with fries and slaw – at one of the Primanti Bros. stands, or take a walk along the Riverwalk beyond center field and stop at Manny’s BBQ run by former Pirates great Manny Sanguillen. … Thirsty? Try Pub 475 in left field or Beers of the Burgh in right; wherever you go make it an Iron City beer. … After the game, take a stroll along the river to take in the sights, and end up at the Jerome Bettis Grille 36, located close by just outside Heinz Field. … Not ready to call it a day? Head to Carson Street on the South Side where Pittsburghers go to play.

Primanti Bros., PNC Park, various other locations

Jerome Bettis Grille 36, 393 N. Shore Drive, (412) 224-6287

Federal Street Grille, 115 Federal St.
Gateway Clipper Fleet, 350 W. Station Square Dr., (412) 355-7980