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Experience the Park Miller Park Fan Guide

Tailgating 101

A trip to Miller Park without experiencing the local brand of tailgating would be like ordering a concession stand bratwurst without the secret sauce … yea, the experience is good, but you might be missing the best part. Regardless of the weather, one can always find thousands of fans gathered around grills in the Miller Park parking lots downing Milwaukee’s finest grilled sausages and chasing them with its most famous export. It’s a great place to experience the flavor, literally and figuratively, of this city.

So come prepared: grill, various encased meats (Johnsonville brats can be had at any local grocery and are excellent) and cheese products (cheese curds are a local favorite), cooler stocked with your favorite beverage, a table and some folding chairs. Get it cleaned up by opening pitch but leave some beers for afterward; many fans wait out the traffic by firing up the grill post-game and re-starting the party. 

Farther afield but worth exploring either before or after the game are several restaurants  and neighborhood taverns, mostly centered around Bluemound Road, which runs north of the park just across I-94. And many of these establishments run shuttles to the game; the ride will cost you a drink, and the bartender issues you a ticket or a token for the driver (and yes, you can take your drink on the shuttle!). These shuttles drop you off in front of Miller Park’s main entrance and start making return trips around the 7th inning.

Parking is a bit of a challenge in this mainly residential area, but very attainable to the patient. Some of the nearby places that usually run shuttles: Fiesta Garibaldi, Kelly’s Bleachers, Long Wongs, Steve’s On Bluemound, Slim McGinn’s, Rounding 3rd and Balestreri’s Bistro. 

A little farther north, around 55th and State, is local favorite and regionally famous rib joint, Saz’s Restaurant. Even farther north is a very popular place called O’Brien’s. It’s a great place to end up after a game and avoid the sometimes hard-to-get-a-drink Bluemound saloons.