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Experience the Park Miller Park Fan Guide

Get to the Game

Miller Park is surrounded by parking lots and right next to a major highway, I-94, so most folks are driving to the game. And they’ve made it pretty easy: just exit at Miller Park Way. If you need a map and directions, go here. There is a bus line that serves the park from downtown, and information on that can be found by calling the Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) at 414-344-6711 or by visiting


The parking lot surrounding the park isn’t nearly as simple. Try to avoid the bottleneck and labyrinth of the main east lots, and make your way to a locally kept secret: the north (Giants) lot. This lot, just north of the stadium and over I-94, can be entered only from Bluemound Road. Besides a great place to set-up your tailgate party, you can leave and enter the lot in a fraction of the time it takes from the east or the mainly “preferred parking” lots.

The cost to park is $8-10 for general lots, and up to $18 for these preferred lots.

The best way to get to the game, though, is to stop at a nearby watering hole for a pre-game pop and take their shuttle. Many bars and restaurants north of the park (and I-94) offer this service. They’ll drop you off right at the front entrance and pick you up afterward. Buy a drink at the bar ahead of time and that usually covers the cost, with the bartender giving you a ticket or a token to hand to the driver.

For more information on this and a list of places that run shuttles, see the Explore the City story.