Miller Park

Home of the Milwaukee Brewers
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Experience the Park Miller Park Fan Guide

Keepin Out the Cold

The most striking and significant feature of Miller Park is the retractable, fan-like roof that can be opened or closed in about 10 minutes. That unique shape, roughly mirroring the field, gives the park an open-air feel when the roof is retracted on a nice day, but does create shadows that the players must battle. 

The team closes the roof if temperatures are below 60 degrees or if it rains or there are high winds. This keeps fans comfortable during the often chilly Wisconsin spring, but can create steamy conditions during a summer storm. Huge windows above the grandstand and bleachers allow sunlight in even when the roof is closed.

Miller Park has little foul ground, which benefits hitters, but is deeper down the lines than many parks at 344 feet in left and 345 in right. It was somewhat of a pitcher’s park in 2008, its Park Factor ranking it 22nd of 30 ballparks in run production. But that probably has more to do with CC Sabathia being almost unhittable, as the park has been fairly neutral over its life.

Miller Park opened in 2001 in what was a parking lot for old County Stadium, and was host to the All-Star game the following season. That ended in farce when Bud Selig, back in his hometown, called the game after the 11th inning because the teams ran out of pitchers. But that had a significant affect on baseball as a whole when Selig and Major League Baseball decided to add some juice to the Midsummer Classic by having it determine home-field advantage for the World Series.