Minute Maid Park

Home of the Houston Astros
501 Crawford Houston, Texas, 77002 View Map
(713) 259-8000
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Under the latest ownership, not only the team has suffered but the ballpark, too. While there is nothing wrong with the structure, the atmosphere in the ballpark is awful. The fans, what are left of them, usually root for the other team. With a retractable roof, games are likely to be outdoors in April through mid-May, then covered through mid-September. However, the worst part is that the stadium personnel have become rude and unfriendly. This starts from the abusive security people at the gates, who don't actually add any security but act as if every guest is a convicted criminal. It continues with the concession people who would rather be somewhere else if they didn't need the money. Astros management doesn't seem to actually care since there are so few regular fans. The present ownership has gotten rid of most of the long time fans so don't expect much knowledgeable baseball talk. The team stinks to a point where finishing 11 games under .500 is considered a positive year. While the team claims they are improving in the minor leagues, the AA team finished last in 2014 and the AAA team didn't make the playoffs. Only good part remaining in the ballpark is that there are plenty of surface lots to park in and plenty of freeways that reduce the traffic. There are so few fans that most lots a few blocks away only charge $5 for parking except on the few days when a large crowd is expected where parking can go up to $20. Overall, the worst ballpark experience with the best parking in the major leagues. Go elsewhere for an enjoyable major league experience.


Once known as Enron Field, Minute Maid Park epitomizes the ideal ball park. Parking is always plenty since there too many lots to count surrounding Minute Maid. Not only does it boast a retractable roof but when it does retract so does the entire glass wall. If the lid's on there's still plenty of natural light shining through the park with a pleasant view of downtown Houston which is pretty impressive. Although, many stadiums lose their true baseball game feel when their roofs retract, Minute Maid manages to salvage that feeling. A really cool feature of the park in th 24-ton train that runs through the left-field wall pulling a car filled with Minute Maid oranges. The best thing to eat is the footlong chilli and cheese hot dog. It's huge and beyond delicious. If you're lucky you'll run into the Little Pumas. They're a group of semi-obsessed Lance Berkman (nicknamed the Big Puma) fans dressed in cat suits (think Simba from the Lion King). The overall baseball experience is refreshing and delightful.